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Balancing Bamboo Dragonfly DIY

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All in natural color, it might be a fun project for the children to paint the wings
Available designs and beautiful colors

They are hand made and painted by my family in Vietnam.

They have a point on the underside of their nose that they can balance on. They will balance on almost any small pointy surface. They look great arranged in a flower pot balancing on small dowel rods or well placed sticks. These are a very fun and extraordinary item. We make great gifts.

Bamboo dragonflies represent the traditional culture of the Vietnamese countryside. To make dragonflies, the first important thing is the bamboo material. To ensure softness, flexibility and durability, bamboo was obtained in the forest area of northern Vietnam. With skilled hands, craftsmen have created bamboo dragonflies in vibrant and unique colors when they can stand on hand or on any tree branch.

- You can imagine that a person would be completely surprised when he sees the dragonfly can hold in balance alone on the tip of his finger, as if by magic.
- Ideal for anti-stress and help people re-enter their minds and increase concentration.

Notes: the brush need a proper flow of water to make it work well, if you find it do not rotate, please check if the water flow of your hose is too low. 

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