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Instantly lift your bust! Transform the shape of your breasts with no discomfort and enjoy cool comfort all day long!

Single seam cut: Say goodbye to painful wires and pinching and enjoy smooth comfort and support with our extra-elastic support system. 

Instantly slim and shape side breast fat: Transform your figure and give saggy breasts a perky boost.

Feel bra-free with double the support: Our padded, front-closure design makes you feel lighter and better supported. 

Extra cool for summer, or any season: Soft and breathable so you can stay fresh, cool, and dry. 

Sleeker and smoother-looking: No back hook or wires means there's nothing to create nasty lines and bumps underneath your clothes. 

Sizes 34-50, A-DD(E) (US Sizes): Thoughtfully tailored to support all breast shapes and sizes. Just tap the button below to see the price.

Why would you wear a bra that hurts?

Next time you get back home late, take special note of how your bra is making you feel.

Can you feel the hook-and-eye closure in the back? Is it scratchy? Is the wire digging into your sternum? Were your straps slipping all day?

The discomfort you feel is your body trying to talk to you. Here's the promise: wear the Lacy Bra, and you won't feel like that ever again.

Excited yet? Make sure you get the perfect size.

A good bra fits you well and supports you gently. No matter the shape or size of your breasts. The Lacy Bra is designed to do exactly that - regardless of your unique shape, angle, or size of cleavage. Just follow our three step guide to finding your right size and your new, perfectly-sized bra will be on the way!

 Step 1: Find your band size - Use tape to measure right at the bottom of your bust, keeping it snug.

Step 2:Find your cup size - Hold the tape a little higher and measure around the fullest part of your bust.

Step 3:Match it with our size chart to find the perfect fit.